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  • 589-VV02-Rubber Hose-0

    589-VV02-Rubber Hose

    Application: ideal solution to deliver milk, buttermilk, yogurt, cream and acid cream, fresh cheeseand other dairy products with low fat content. Suitable to deliver liquid foods in general with alcoholicconcentration up to 50%.
  • 590-VV12-Rubber Hose-0

    590-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application: For equipment of petrol pumps: regular , super and unleaded petrol and diesel oil.
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    591-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : Specially designed for wine transfers in wine processing industries. Suction and discharge of any foodstuff except fatty/oily liquids.
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    592-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : Specially designed for transfer of fresh grapes in wine processing industries.
  • 593-VV12-Rubber Hose-0

    593-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : Discharge of wine, bear and other liquid foodstuffs auch as milk as milk, cider, fruit, juice and alcohol Up to 96 %. Specifically designed for tank transfer in wineries unloading bays and for liquid foodstuff tankers.
  • 594-VV12-Rubber Hose-0

    594-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : Suction and discharge of wine, beer and other liquid foodstuffs such as milk, cider, fruit juice and alcohol up to 96 %. Specifically designed for tank transfer in wineries, unloading bays, and for liquid foodstuff tankers.
  • 595-VV12-Rubber Hose-0

    595-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : Transport hose for vacuum cleaning trucksand in stationary systems in straight orband positions in all types of industries. Extracion and transport of abrasive material such as sand, gravel, stone, sludge and powder.
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    596-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application: Extraction and transport hose for abrasive material such as sand gravel , stone, sludge, etc.
  • 597-VV12-Rubber Hose-0

    597-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application: Medium duty working hose on vacuum cleaning trucks for use at the work site.
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    598-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : For industrial vacuum cleaners and cleaning systems. Useful for suction of drainage sludge, sand,etc.
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    599-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : Universal ducting hose for dust , wood chips , small particles and various types of gas
  • 600-VV12-Rubber Hose-0

    600-VV12-Rubber Hose

    Application : Universal material handling hose for suction of shavings, sand, dust, and powder etc. application include sawmills , chip board , and wood veneer plants, fiberboard plants etc.