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  • 750-VV16-Chemical Hose UPE OHM/T -MSV-0

    750-VV16-Chemical Hose UPE OHM/T -MSV

    Application : Rubber chemical suction and delivery hose. Suitable for a very large number of chemical such as most industrial acids. yes and alkalis ,and mineral oil products and solvents.
  • Chemical Hose

    751- VV11-Chemical Hose

    Rubber hot water and steam hose and beveragehose for non fatt foodstuffs, blue cover. Hot water and steam hose for cleaning – Food quality steam and hot-water hose for heavy duty steam cleaning and hot water washdown service in breweries, dairies, creameries, food processing plants.
  • Chemical Hose

    752-VV11-CHEMICAL Hose

    Application: Flexible rubber hose suitable for delivery of potable water. Premium potable waterhose, blue-cover rubber hose suitable for delivery of potable water
  • Chemical Hose

    753-VV11-Chemical Hose

    Application: Rubber hot and cold water hose in very good flexible quality, suitable for discharge of hot and cold water, air and light-chemical medias in many industrial applications
  • Chemical Hose

    754-VV11-Chemical Hose

    Flexible rubber hose with MFA-Inliner for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, foodstuffs Pharmaproducts – cosmetic – biotech
  • 755-VV16-Chemical And Acid Hose-0

    755-VV16-Chemical And Acid Hose

    Application:Rubber suction and delivery hose for chemicals Universal chemical hose with a seamless tube of MFA, suitable for almost all chemicals.
  • 756-VV12-Chemical Petrochemical Hose-0

    756-VV12-Chemical Petrochemical Hose

    Application: For Heavy duty industrial cleaning and circulation of saturated and superheated steam in heating systems.used in the petrochemical ,Building,Shipyard and chemical industries.
  • 757-VV12-Chemical Resistant FEP Hose-T-0

    757-VV12-Chemical Resistant FEP Hose-T

    Applications: Suction and discharge of corrosive chemicals: fuels, solvents, oils and corrosive chemicals except chlorine trifluoride, fluorine gas dry, oxygen, difluoride, phosgene, and molten alkalis metals such as sodium.
  • 758-VV16-Chemical PTFE Hose XX15-MSV-0

    758-VV16-Chemical PTFE Hose XX15-MSV

    Application: Composite hose with SS 304 inner and outer spiral. Specially designed for loading and unloading oil and fuel on tank trucks with an aromatic content up to 100%.
  • 759-VV12-Chemical UPE-T -0

    759-VV12-Chemical UPE-T

    Application: Suction and discharge of virtually all corrosive chemical, Strong acids, high aromatic solvents ,Chlorinated or oxygenized solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons,etc.
  • 760-VV12-Chemical EPDM -T-0

    760-VV12-Chemical EPDM -T

    Application: • Suction and discharge of moderately corrosive chemicals. • Ketenes, Alcohols and acids.
  • 761-VV12-Chemical Hose-0

    761-VV12-Chemical Hose

    Application : Discharges of virtually all corrosive chemicals , strong acids , high aromatic. Solvents chlorinated or oxygenized solvents , aromatic hydrocarbons , etc. for mobile or fixed installations in chemical works, and associated industries.